About WEB 3

[WEB of Inspiration]


Web of inspiration web 3 is an executable phase of the internet that brings about inspiration, empowerment, employment, improved internet security, improved communication. They internet that promote entrepreneurship, web 3 focuses on making man become the internet.

The internet has tremendous potential to achieve greater social equity, empowerment and improve everyday life for those on the margins of society. If properly leveraged by man it can help in solving key problems arising in the society.

Man has the internet, allows man to become a vital organ of the internet, an indispensable, interconnected part of the web. Most youths and entrepreneurs especially in remote areas are unaware of the power of ICT and how they can leverage it properly in their business development. This plays an important role in the current growth and development globally, since the result of the survey by the National Bureau of Statistics show that persons aged 0-14 years constituted 39.6%, those aged between 15-64 (the economically active population), constituted 56.3%, which those aged 65 years and above constituted 4.2%.

Inspiration is a concept that links individual strengths and competencies, natural helping systems and proactive behavior to social policy and social change, In other words, empowerment links the individual and his or her well-being to the wider social and political environment in which he or she functions. From a psycho-logical perspective, empowerment links mental health and well-being to mutual help and to the creation of a responsive community globally.


  • To create an executable phase of the internet where each distinct phase is dependent and relates to man’s activities and involvement in the internet.
  • To create an internet that empowers and employs people, independent of locations and their status.
  • To bring about an internet of man that is, to create an internet that lives with the masses and influences people and societal actions and behaviors.
  • To bring about a democratic internet, where every individual irrespective of his/her location can actively participate in key decision making, since the internet affects them directly and indirectly.
  • To make the masses become the internet, that is they should be actively involved in the day to day key decision concerning the internet since it directly and indirectly affect their life’s, livelihood and what goes around in their environment.
  • To bring about an internet that inspires, educate and empower the masses and internet users
  • To develop a model of transparency and accountability for the internet and digital organizations.
  • To train, promote and partner with organizations, institutions and hubs that are working or have been working on improving and engaging people positively in their local environment and nationals.
  • To bring about a more secure and accountable internet security.
  • Information shared via the internet can be easily tracker hence reducing a lot of cyber crimes.


  • Training and Mentorship in various ICT applications.
  • Connecting people and company to our network of members
  • Empowerment
  • Aligning opportunities available on the web
  • Communication
  • Research and Survey